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United States
My pen name is C. R. Powers as you can see. I am a writer, a bit of a painter, poet, and other things. I am a recluse, and I don't get out much.

Writing style: Poetic/flowery

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I guess what I want is simple. I want to get noticed. That is why I have made a Youtube account, a Facebook account, and I have a Deepundergroundpoetry account. I don't wanna spread myself too thin, but you understand the idea. Upload my works on cross-sites get some exposure, and get a cross-copyright sort of thing going on.

Exposure that is the goal I ultimately strive for. But what seperates me from everyone else? What makes you want to care about my work? There are so many many people out there just like me. How can I stand out, and show my face in all of that. Well, I have to try to be different, and honest, and show you my work. I guess you will have to decide if you want to follow along, and read my work. What is the goal in that? What will that lead me to? The higher the exposure the better odds I will get noticed by a publisher or an agent. My fate is in the hands of my readers. They can kill me or sanctify. I am at your mercy.

I am in a bad way right now. I'm a 22 year old writer who is trying to make writing my living. My family is trying to put the screws down on me to get a job. But what I am is a writer, and it is all I want to be. So what do I do? I have to keep moving along towards that shining plateau just out of reach. With tears in my eyes, I have to keep reaching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Because behind me in that engulfing darkness is the fact that being a writer is all I have, and want, and need, and can be. And, in hat darkness  there is nothing for me.

My family, my friends, and everyone else around me just don't get it. They don't understand me at all. They think I'm some lay about that does nothing. They want me to be someone that I just can't be. I have to be a writer. I love and hate it but it is something at the end of the day that is mine, and me. Being a writer for me is my lifestyle. It is everything I can and should be. Making a fantasy world, and being a writer, I can take being a linguist or a psychologist or a biologist or anything like that, and melt it into the pot. It breaks my heart that my own family don't have enough faith in me or judgement to let me take my life into my own hands. There is always more to say about stuff like that, but it really hurts me to say.....
  • Mood: Sadness

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Hello! I'm the founder, *MoonlessDepth, here to welcome you to #The-Writers-Study! I can't wait to see what you'll put forth into TWS~ I know that you'll do great! If you have any questions, any at all, you can note the group, or me personally~ Feel free to ask anything!

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